The Henry Parker Series


Henry Parker series (Book 1)

Named one of the Best Books of the Year by

The Strand

Nominated for:

The Strand Critics Award

The Barry Award

The RT Reviewers Choice Award

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Henry Parker series (Book 2)

"One of the best thrillers of the year." -Press & Sun-Bulletin

"A suspenseful and shocking tale that will leave readers clamoring for the next Henry Parker novel." -Library Journal

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Henry Parker series (Book 3)

Nominated for the Shamus Award

"Ambitious...Parker is a captivating and complex protagonist, one whose pithy observations about New York are dead on. Pinter's chunky plot, rapid pacing and credible dialogue do the rest." -Publishers Weekly

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Henry Parker series (Book 4)

Named of the of the Best Books of the year by

The Strand

An Indie Next Selection

"The Fury rocks. Read it!" --Michael Connelly

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Henry Parker series (Book 5)

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"The beginning pulls the reader in and keeps him hooked with action-packed events throughout. The story line had me nervous, sad and excited to see what would happen next." - TIME for Kids

"Headlong fun." - Kirkus Reviews


MIRACLE cover.jpg

An inspiring, funny, and heartwarming children’s book for everyone who has dreamed of having their own Miracle child. When rabbits Merle and Pearl meet on one beautiful day, they know that they have found true joy. Yet while they couldn’t be happier with each other, there’s one teeny, tiny thing missing...a child of their own.

Merle and Pearl dream of expanding their nest by bringing a baby bunny into the world, but they face unforeseen challenges along the way. Determined to make their dreams come true, Merle and Pearl will do whatever it takes to find their Miracle—even if it means going deep under the sea, trekking across vast desert sands, or rocketing far out into the stars, and going to the ends of the Earth--and beyond! Because sometimes finding your dreams takes a Miracle.

Read Jason’s essay on the inspiration for MIRACLE.

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